Energy Audit

We look at your energy spending habits, including current usage patterns and how this affects your electricity bills.

At Home Quote

Escape Energy will send a technician to your home to conduct an energy audit and provide a solution to your needs.

Whether you want to reduce your electricity bills or be energy self-sufficient and pay no more for electricity, Escape Energy has you covered and we will tell you what it takes.

After-sales service and advice – how to get the most from your system

Escape Energy want to ensure you get absolute maximum energy production from your Escape energy PV solar unit. It is within the ideals of our company to make you happy and provide you with a self-sufficient future.

We give you up to 25 years peace of mind that all our products will work to design specifications and generate your electricity consumption needs.

If you are ready to build or extend a home, then consider contacting Escape Homes to discuss all our great building options…you will be glad you did.

We believe all homes should consider power saving devices and solar panels as a source of providing the homes’ power.

We use and recommend Escape Energy solutions. Escape Energy are a Gold Coast solar business that delivers professional, affordable solar power.

Call Escape Homes today on 1300 725 514 for better building options.